2915-2917 Bloor St W

The applicants at 2915-2917 Bloor St W have an existing permit for a 6-storey building, and in November 2016 informed the community of their plan to pursue an 8-storey building, exceeding what is outlined in the Bloor St. Avenue study guidelines. On January 5, 2017, the developers submitted a proposal to amend the Zoning By-law to permit a further revised, 9-storey (28.4 metre) mixed use development, with parapets and mechanical overrun above. The proposed development includes commercial use at grade (1,180 square meters) and 126 residential units above (10,317 square meters).

The residential units would consist of 85 one bedroom units and 41 two bedroom units. Commercial space and residential amenity space would be located on the ground floor. The building would have 103 vehicle parking spaces in 2 underground levels to serve the development, and a total of 96 bicycle parking spaces. Vehicular access to the underground parking would be from the one-way public laneway at the rear of the site. The proposed 103 underground vehicular parking spaces would include 87 for residents, 16 for residential visitors and 0 for commercial occupants and customers. A total of 104 bicycle parking spaces are proposed. Of these, 96 are for residential use (34 long-term at-grade, 53 long-term below-grade and 9 short-term belowgrade) and 8 for commercial use (2 long-term and 6 short-term).

The total floor area of the building would be approximately 11,497 square meters, representing a floor space index of approximately 4.96 times the area of the lot. Revised drawings were submitted illustrating the revised, 9-storey proposal, but other accompanying studies and reports were not revised and continue to reflect the initial 8-storey proposal.