Donation – Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Donate?
Building a precedent setting 8-storey condo at 2915 Bloor Street in the Kingsway will change the character of our neighbourhood, impacting property values, traffic, sunlight and neighbourhood schools. That’s why Sunnylea-Kingsway Community Association (SKCA) was formed. Toronto condo developers protect their investment and property values by hiring consultants, planners and skilled lawyers. As a community, we have to do the same if we want prevent over-development of our area.

Individual homeowners are at a real disadvantage at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearings and residents associations help level the playing field by raising awareness of the potential changes that development will bring to the Sunneylea and Kingsway neighborhoods and advocating on behalf of residents.

What are we doing?
The SKCA has obtained party status at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) to present a united voice for community concerns at the OMB (the date for the OMB trial has currently not been set). This required the services of legal council and will require expert witnesses at a cost that is currently estimated to be $107,000 total. 

How do I donate?
You can use the PayPal link on the right to send a donation. You can also drop off a cheque directly, please use the ‘contact’ page to ask for more details.

How much should I donate?
Any amount that you are comfortable donating would be appreciated. For context, donating $200 will buy approximately one hour of a professional’s time, and our case will require the hiring of both legal professionals and expert witnesses.

Who will get the money?
The SKCA is a non-profit organization, all members are operating on a volunteer basis. All donations go directly toward hiring experts to present at the OMB.

Who controls how the money is spent?
The SKCA is governed by a small group of residents. That groups meets frequently to make spending decisions. If you’d like more detail, please let us know by using the ‘contact’ page.

What if I want to donate time?
The SKCA needs volunteers to raise awareness and help with fund raisers. If you’d like to give your time, please use the ‘contact’ page to let us know!

What is the SKCA mission statement?
SKCA has a single focus which is to ensure development along Bloor Street West between the Humber River and Mimico Creek follows the guidelines outlined in the Bloor Kingsway Urban Design Guidelines and in the associated Zoning By-law (941-2003).

Why was SKCAformed?
SKCA grew out of a grassroots movement of people who believed an organization was needed that would be active on an issue important to them. As one of our early organizers said, “we are here because a need has been identified by neighbours.”
Building a precedent-setting 9-storey condo at 2915-2917 Bloor Street in the Sunnylea-Kingsway area will change the character of our neighbourhood, impacting property values, traffic, sunlight, neighbourhood schools and more..
At the OMB the developer of 2915-2917 Bloor Street will be represented by consultants, planners and skilled lawyers. As a community, we must do the same if we want to prevent over-development of our area.
Individual homeowners are at a real disadvantage at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearings. Resident associations help level the playing field by raising awareness of the potential changes that development will bring to the Sunnylea and Kingsway neighborhoods and advocating on behalf of residents.

What have we done so far?

  • In December 2016, a flyer regarding the proposed development at 2915-2917 Bloor Street West was created and distributed to 1000 homes. The flyer encouraged community members to contact our Councillor and the City Planner.
  • On January 24, an online petition was started that now has over 750 signatures.
  • On February 26, SKCA hosted an information session at the Brentwood Library attended by 70 people.
  • On March 30, SKCA held a second information session at Etobicoke School of the Arts that was attended by over 170 people.
  • On May 2, SKCA  encouraged our members to attend the Community Council meeting to hear the SKCA presentations to our councillors. We were rewarded with a standing-room-only crowd that spilled out into the hallway.  Our community councillors unanimously adopted a motion to defend 6 storeys at the OMB.
  • Prior to the May 24 city council meeting, SKCA lobbied all councillors and were rewarded when the motion to defend 6 storeys at the OMB was passed.
  • On June 1st the SKCA website went live and a fundraising campaign was officially launched.

How does the SKCA differ from other community associations?
SKCA has a single focus which is the impact of precedent-setting over-development on Bloor Street West and the impact it would have on both the Sunnylea and Kingsway neighbourhoods. It was decided early on that SKCA would be an inclusive organization comprised of anyone who expressed interest in addressing over-development along Bloor Street between the Humber River and Mimico Creek and that it would not have a mandatory membership fee.

Why are you spending money to fight over-development in The Kingsway?  Don’t the developers always win?
No — while developers often are successful at the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT), previously the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), each hearing is unique and is evaluated on the merits of each application. For the ongoing hearing for the Medical Building, 2915 Bloor Street, the City of Toronto supports the Sunnylea Kingsway Community Association in its fight, and the legal and planning team from the City has done a notable job in arguing for the retention of the 6-storey by-law between Prince Edward Drive and Mimico Creek.

Why is SKCA still asking for money?
The Medical Building hearing is taking more days to work through all the evidence and arguments. In June, eight days of hearings resulted in the need for an additional 4 days, which is now scheduled for December. We need our team of 3 legal and planning experts in attendance then as it is during this period that they will be speaking to the evidence they have documented and submitted to the tribunal.

Don’t we need more housing In Toronto?
Yes, we do and multi-storey buildings on main roads make sense.

So why is the Sunnylea Kingsway Community Association against development on Bloor Street?
SKCA is not against development on Bloor. In fact, we support building up to the permitted 6 storeys in keeping with the existing law.

Why only 6 Storeys?  Wouldn’t taller buildings provide more housing for people?
The current 6-storey by-law came about after extensive planning and community consultation. The Sunnylea Kingsway Community Association believes any development needs to be a careful balance between adding density and the impact on the single family neighbourhoods which surround Bloor St. Good examples of 6-storey buildings fitting into the neighbourhood are the Montgomery Condo, Bloor and Thompson and the Regency Condo at Bloor and Royal York.

What would be wrong with a single 8-storey building?
The reality is Bloor Street in The Kingsway represents a massive development opportunity for the construction industry. Two developers already have applications lodged with the LPAT and many more are in the planning stage. The Medical Building at 2915-17 Bloor Street will set a precedent, which is why we must contest it to our utmost. This is why more and greater financial contributions to the Sunnylea Kingsway Community Association from more of our neighbours to pay for our professional advisors is so essential.

Isn’t that just scaremongering?
NO! In fact, a number of experts who made submissions to the LPAT/OMB hearing last June stated they feel that 15-storey buildings would be an appropriate size on the North side of Bloor.

Are you only concerned with the height of new buildings?
No, taller buildings create more shadow and wind which impacts all of us, as pedestrians walking along Bloor, and also taller buildings have an even greater impact on the loss of privacy for those residents of streets the buildings will overlook.

Are those the only things you are concerned about?
No, infrastructure as a whole is already strained: Schools. Subways. Traffic Flow. Sewers.  And much more.  While even 6- storey buildings will impact all these, adding greater density to what has been planned just make things that much worse.

Regarding traffic, Bloor Street is four lanes and already moves slowly in rush hour. Surely it can’t get much slower?
Yes it will. But it’s not just about Bloor. The bigger concern is the amount of traffic which will empty on to the side streets from these new buildings. And the more Bloor slows down, the more drivers will divert onto the side streets which, remember, mostly have no sidewalks in our neighbourhood. The safety issues for children walking to school, for example, are obvious.

How can I stay informed?
News regarding the OMB hearing and other developments on Bloor street will be shared on this page. You can also join the email distribution list to receive updates. To do so, put your e-mail address in the box on the right, or sign up using the ‘contact’ page.


Thank you to all who have donated, note that your name will not appear on this list without your explicit approval. Your support will be valued by current and future area residents. Thank you!