Minutes of the first AGM

May 14, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
Kingsway All Saints Anglican Church, 2815 Bloor Street West


    1. Call to Order
    2. Appointment of Secretary
    3. Procedural Matters
    Statement re: Notice of Meeting
    Voting Procedure
    4. President’s Remarks
    5. Financial Report: Tom Gough/Jim Tiessen
    Motion1: To accept the financial report for the Corporation
    6. Audit
    Motion 2: Not to appoint auditors for coming year
    7. Election of Slate of Proposed Directors
    Motion 3: To elect slate of directors proposed by the Board
    8. Incoming President Remarks: Don Sexton
    9. Questions from members
    10. Adjournment
    Motion 4: Adjournment

1. Call to order: Phyllis Sterin, President
2. Appointment of Secretary: David Holmes
3. Procedural matters

Statement re Notice of Meeting: Phyllis Sterin reported that the notice was delivered to everyone on the SKCA mailing list 30 days in advance of the meeting as required by the Association’s bylaw (see bylaw at https://skca-to.com/).

Voting Procedure: Voting will be by a show of hands by members of the association.

“Members” are association supporters who have provided their email addresses in order to receive email communications, or who have provided their street address.

The SKCA by-law states, “membership shall be open to any individual or family that resides within the neighbourhood, and who supports the stated objectives of the SKCA, including the content and intent of the 2004 Bloor-Kingsway Urban Design Bylaw” (see bylaw at https://skca-to.com/).

Members must be residents of the SKCA catchment area (Dundas Street on the north, the Humber River on the east, Berry Road on the south and Mimico Creek on the west).

4. President’s remarks
Phyllis Sterin’s remarks are appended to these minutes. See Appendix 1.

The OMB/Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) decision regarding 2915 Bloor Street West was announced on May 10 (see link at https://skca-to.com/). It confirmed the city bylaw based on the 2004 Bloor Kingsway Urban Design Guidelines restricting construction of any new development to six storeys.

The OMB decision means that a precedent has been set that the SKCA hopes will be taken into consideration by the developers poised to present plans for car wash site at 3005 Bloor Street West, the gas station site at Prince Edward Drive and Bloor Street West, and the other sites in The Kingsway that may be in play.

SKCA had standing as a party in the hearing.

SKCA now has 1,152 member households.

The fundraising campaign was successful, having raised the funds required to retain a lawyer, an urban planner, and an urban designer; as well as the printing of flyers and t-shirts, postage and more.

SKCA also attended the two pre-hearings with regard to the 3005 Bloor Street carwash site.

Thanks for their involvement and support for the SKCA’s goals to Justin Di Ciano (former city councilor) and Mark Grimes (current city councilor); the Humber Valley Village Ratepayers Association, the Thompson Orchard Community Association, and the Kingsway Park Ratepayers Incorporated; SKCA board members Jim Thiessen, Tom Gough and Don Sexton; esteemed SKCA volunteers Mike Green, Gina Cunningham (who manages the database), Gabe Musso (instrumental in setting up and managing the SKCA website), and Penny Moles (volunteer at large); Anne Anderson (president of the Humber Valley Village Ratepayers Association); and SKCA members and donors.

Special thanks to Edna Becker, Sonya Koops, Helen Kreutzner, Lydia Lebed and Vinnie Mitchell. These volunteers helped by knocking on doors, which takes a great deal of time and is extremely important.

5. Financial Report: Tom Gough and Jim Tiessen, Co-Treasurers
Tom and Jim presented the Financial Statement for the fiscal period, 1st March 2017 to 31st March 2019, and the accompanying graph of Expenditures and Donations.See Appendix 4

John Dalton then introduced himself, as one of the two “Reviewers” required under the Association’s by-laws. He confirmed that the financial numbers had been reviewed and found satisfactory with regard to accuracy and presentation.

MOTION to receive the Financial Report for the Association for the fiscal period ended March 31, 2019.
Moved by Pat Knightley
Seconded by Sonya Koops

6. Audit: John Dalton
John went on to say that federal rules for non-profit corporations such as SKCA allow for dispensing with a formal audit upon a vote of the membership.

MOTION to authorize SKCA to dispense with a formal audit and not to appoint auditors for the current year.
Moved by Stephen Kish
Seconded by Leonard Bosschart

7. Election of Directors: Phyllis Sterin
The SKCA’s bylaw states that Board members are elected for a one-year term and are eligible for re-election provided they are members in good standing in the Association.
As per the Association’s bylaw, the Board decided to recommend an increase in the number of members from four to six.

Phyllis presented the proposed slate of directors being put forward by the SKCA Board:
Current Board member, Don Sexton, President
Current Board member, Tom Gough, Co-Treasurer
Current board member, Phyllis Sterin, Past President
Nominee, Sonya Koops, Co-Treasurer
Nominee, David Holmes, Secretary
Nominee, Janice Etter, Director-at-large

There were no nominations from the floor.

Motion: to approve the recommendation of the SKCA Board that this slate serve as directors until the next Annual General Meeting of the Association.
Moved by Kevin Welly
Seconded by Charles Donley

8. Incoming President’s remarks: Don Sexton
Don affirmed the Board’s resolve to developers. He thanked members for attending and participating in the meeting. continue the Association’s work in the community as the OMB decision regarding 2915 Bloor Street West, while setting a precedent, will still be challenged by developers. He thanked members for attending and participating in the meeting.

Don thanked Phyllis Sterin, the founding president of the association, for her tireless work in support of the association’s goals. See Appendix 2.

9. Final questions from meeting attendees
A summary of questions and answers is attached.

10. Adjournment
Moved by Janice Etter
Seconded by John Dalton

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Appendix 1


Excerpt/remarks by Phyllis Sterin, President
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’m pleased to welcome you to this first Annual General Meeting of the Corporation. As President, I will act as Chair of tonight’s meeting.

The Sunnylea-Kingsway Community Association is a registered Corporation governed by the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. As such, I may use the terms Association and Corporation interchangeably throughout my remarks this evening.

Our bylaw states that a quorum for this meeting is 10 members of the Corporation. I declare we have a quorum present and propose to proceed with the business of the meeting.

At this point, it is customary to review the minutes of the previous meeting. As this is SKCA’s first annual general meeting, obviously that won’t take place.

But due to the formalities of this meeting so far, I’ve been practically bursting at the seams up here to share with you our fabulous news – and you probably know already.

Last Friday, the Ontario Municipal Board came down with their decision on 2915 Bloor Street (the Medical Building) and we won!!! Let that sink in a minute – WE WON!!!

I’m personally so happy, and the SKCA Board is so gratified, that as a result of the support of the community, all the money raised and work that’s been done…that we can now celebrate this fabulous victory.

This is real proof that communities that stick together, work hard, offer financial contributions, and fight the good fight against over-development, can preserve and enhance their communities now and for future generations.

Since inception, we have held a total of six well-attended community meetings to explain to our neighbours the issues regarding potential over-development in The Kingsway.

The primary issue, and the key element with respect to the mission of SKCA, has always been the perpetuation of the existing by-law based on the 2004 Bloor Kingsway Urban Design Guidelines.

This by-law restricts construction of any new development to six storeys. The decision issued last Friday supports that limit.

Friday’s decision means that the precedent has been confirmed, and we hope that developers will take this into consideration when presenting plans for the car wash site, the gas station site at Prince Edward and Bloor and the other sites in The Kingsway that may be in play.

In getting to this re-affirmation of the 6-storey limit, thousands of flyers have been distributed, dozens of email notices have been sent, many signs have been posted, many doors in the neighbourhood have been knocked on… and the community endorsement of SKCA and the Bloor Kingsway Urban Bylaw has been nothing short of spectacular.

We now have 1,152 member households who we count as SKCA supporters.

In terms of fundraising, and we will have a Treasurer’s report in a few moments, our results and your generosity have been tremendous.

The contributions you made for the good of the neighbourhood paid for lawyers, a planner and designer… SKCA hired on the community’s behalf, as well as printing of flyers and t-shirts, postage and more.

Our lawyer, planner and designer, plus the SKCA Board and many supporters all attended the 12-day Ontario Municipal Board hearing for the 2915 Bloor Street development last June and December. It has taken until now for OMB to render its decision and of course, we couldn’t be happier.

In the meantime, SKCA also attended the two pre-hearings with regard to the 3005 Bloor Street carwash site. So far, there has been no final proposal presented by the developer as they were likely waiting to see what the LPAT would decide. There is more work to do in closely monitoring this development, and SKCA will be following up.

On behalf of the Board of SKCA, I want to thank you for all your support. I also want to thank our Councilor Mark Grimes for his support as well as that of his predecessor, Justin DiCiano.
And it’s important I add that the support of other community groups – the Humber Valley Village Ratepayers Association, the Thompson Orchard Community Association and the Kingsway Park Ratepayers Incorporated… has been extremely valuable.

Naturally I also want to thank our Board members to-date – Jim Tiessen, Tom Gough and Don Sexton.
Four other esteemed SKCA volunteers deserve mention and our appreciation:
Mike Green, Chair of the Thompson Orchard Community Association at the time of the hearing, has been so effective and helpful through his knowledge and expertise. He attended SKCA Board meetings regularly, sent our communications to his supporters and organized TOCA volunteers to assist SKCA. Thank you, Mike.

Gina Cunningham, my friend and neighbor, manages our member database and provides excellent insight and editing of all our communications. Thank you Gina.

Gabe Musso, who has been so instrumental in setting up and managing our website while working long hours and helping to raise a young family. Thanks Gabe.

Penny Moles for her support and tireless work on behalf of SKCA. Thank you Penny.

Last but certainly not least, Anne Anderson, President of the Humber Valley Village Ratepayers Association, has given us extremely valuable guidance. She also participated in one of our community meetings. Her group has also been successful at challenging over-development in their area, just north of us. Thank you Anne, and thank you all.

Appendix 2


Excerpt/remarks by Donald Sexton, Incoming President, SKCA

Now more than ever SKCA must retain its strength and vigilance. Developers and The City are watching to see if we go away and rest on our success. The answer is clear and that is why I ran to be your President.

We must continue our notable presence when it comes to development on Bloor St. in the Kingsway. A sizeable SKCA presence informs City planning Staff and Councillor Mark Grimes that the Sunnylea Kingsway community cares about and deserves only acceptable redevelopment of the Bloor Street street-scape.

The Key Word in all of that is SIZEABLE. We need to expand our SKCA Membership base. I ask all of you to speak to your neighbours. Hold street wine and cheese parties to bring them in. We need more organized Participants to present at all future OMB hearings.

The SKCA Mission has earned its first success and in future will meet with more challenges. The Sunnylea Kingsway residents must be ready to meet these future challenges.

Of course, funding is vital to, at a minimum, buy the legal advice that is required to navigate challenges effectively. Please remember the personal benefits you receive through appropriately maintaining our neighbourhood.

Thanks to all SKCA supporting members. Without your actions in many ways there would be no community representation for our stretch of Bloor St. West.
Appendix 3

Incoming SKCA Board of Directors 2019-2020

President: Don Sexton
Don and his wife have been area residents for 40 years. Don has been a corporate executive, and for 20 years, a High School business teacher. He feels that visual aesthetics constitute the basis for any community enhancement and maintenance. He is also a member of the Etobicoke Horticulture Society and dedicated to beautifying our community.

Past President: Phyllis Sterin
Phyllis is a co-founder of SKCA and its first President. She has lived on Bermuda Avenue for 35 years and is a retired teacher. She has been deeply involved in the community most of her life and has engaged in volunteer work for the Girl Guides, Children’s Aid, Out of The Cold as well as various political campaigns. She continues on the SKCA Board of Directors as Past President.

Co-Treasurer: Tom Gough
Tom has lived on Meadowvale Drive since 1982 and works as an engineer in Etobicoke. A co-founder of SKCA, he has been on the Board since inception. Tom has volunteered his time for a number of community organizations such as Out of The Cold, KPRI, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Cancer Society.

Co-Treasurer: Sonya Koops
Sonya is a mother of three and has lived on Meadowvale Drive for four years. She has been an active SKCA volunteer over the past year, distributing flyers and surveys plus helping to organize last summer’s SKCA Street Sale fundraiser. She is highly experienced with Sage accounting software through her part-time work as a bookkeeper.

Secretary: David Holmes
David has been an Etobicoke resident all his life and now lives on Riverwood Parkway. As an active SKCA volunteer for the last year, he has written and distributed flyers, various communications and articles, and assisted the Board at regular meetings. He is a retired communications professional having co-owned a marketing/PR business for 30 years.

Director-at-large: Janice Etter
Janice has lived on Prince Edward Drive south of Bloor since 1974. She has been involved with the restoration of Mimico Creek, historical preservation, and Montgomery’s Inn. At the city-wide level, her interests have included urban planning, traffic planning, food policy, and the revitalization of Union Station. Janice’s abiding interest is in what it takes for community organizations to become and stay effective in working with different levels of government to obtain common objectives.

All SKCA Board members are volunteers and receive no payment for their involvement in the association.

Appendix 4 : SKCA Financial Position